24 Hour Test Drive

Woman handing over car keys

Shopping for a new Ford — or any new vehicle for that matter —  can seem an insurmountable task. Many Elwood and Westfield drivers worry especially about the buyers’ remorse that can sometimes accompany buying a vehicle that they initially thought they liked, but upon driving it for a day or so, realized they did not. 

Tipton Ford Inc has a solution for this quandary: the 24 Hour Test Drive! Ready to see if you really should spring for that Mustang sports car or perhaps, would be better-suited to something like a Bronco Sport SUV? Tipton Ford Inc is here to help.

How The 24 Hour Test Drive Works

How does our 24 Hour Test Drive work? Simple! All you need is two documents and an eagerness to take your dream car home! The process is hassle-free and convenient! When shopping at a Tipton Ford, simply tell a sales associate that you’d like to take the car of your choice for a 24-hour test drive. It’s really that simple! All you will need to provide is:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Verifiable comprehensive and collision coverage

Of course, when you take a vehicle out for a 24 Hour Test Drive, you’ll want to be sure that you return the vehicle to us in the same condition when it left our showroom floor, and within the next business day. 

Why The 24 Hour Test Drive Works

Why do we offer you the option to take one of our impressive new Ford models out for a 24 Hour Test Drive? It’s all in the name of meeting our customers’ needs. We’re on a mission to give Noblesville drivers just like you the chance to truly get to know the vehicle you want to take home. When you test-drive a vehicle longer than the average time (say, ten minutes), you get the chance to experience things like:

  • Performance & handling in varying situations
  • Safety features & infotainment technologies
  • Road noise or lack thereof
  • For EVs, real-world range; for gasoline vehicles, fuel efficiency
  • Interior space & cargo capabilities
  • Family-friendly features 
  • …And more!

Test Drive a New Ford in Tipton Today!

Ready to get behind-the-wheel of a new vehicle from Tipton Ford Inc? We are more than happy to help! Call 765-675-8777 to speak to one of our sales associates about scheduling an all-day test drive appointment. Then head to our dealership with your license and insurance information!